Kaola Oty

Kaola Oty
Name: Otilia Maria Cazacu (Kaola Oty)
Address: Iasi-Romania
Date of Birth: 26aprilie 1978
Nationality: Romania
E-mail: kaola_oty@yahoo.com

Education: 2010 Member of the Union of Artists Iasi ,Romania
2005 Master\'s graduate of the Academy of Arts \"George Enescu\" Iasi-arts department specialization real investigation by the shape, value, color and volume dissertation exam passed with 9.33%
2002 graduate of the Academy of Arts \"George Enescu\" Iasi-section painting
1996 graduate of the School of Arts \"Octav Bancila\" Iasi Profile: fine arts / painting
2004 Course P.C. FEG.
2002 Course of instruction in education organized by the Academy of Arts Course 1996 U.S. designer, decorator, painter, restorer organized by the School of Arts \"Octav Bancila Iasi
Romanian native
English Average
Italian Average

Professional experience: artist&fashion designer
2010 scKaty fashion designer
2007 S. C. Herren S.R.L.Iasi fashion designer
2006 S. C. Ravioli S.R.L.Iasi fashion designer
2005 SC SRL Iasi Exclusive fashion designer
1999 SCExcalibur SRLIasi interior-decorator

Awards and exhibitions:

2015 july prize "LEONE DEI DOGI "Venice, Italy
2015 july ART MONACO 15, Modern and Contemporary Espace Fonvieille, Monaco
2015- International competition of art Eminesciana, Cupola Gallery , Iasi
2015- Fabricat in Romania, Pallas Iasi
2015 -expo Bologna, Italy
2014 4-7 dec, MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR
2014 dec expo,Ceretto,Cantine VerdiItaly
2014 november expo Artis , BCU Iasi
2014 september expo Bologna, ArteBo
2014 july expo Bucharest, Art Yourself Gallery
2014 may Erotica Iasi
2014 expo Bologna (mostra permanente )ArteBo Gallery
2013 june expo Monte Carlo with auction to Hotel de Paris
2013 april , expo Monte Carlo, with auction to Hotel de Paris
2012 dec.expo Bologna, ArteBo gallery
2012 august expo BERLIN ,BUCHHANDLERKELLE gallery
2012 Expo ROMA, Palazzo Pontificio , Italy
Special award for art ,2012 Toniza , Iasi
Special prize for art ,2012 Cupola , Iasi
Excellence Diploma for art 2011 WTC Iasi
Expo feb.2012 Tonitza gallery,Iasi
Expo ian 2012~Cupola ~Iasi
Expo dec.2011.Bologna, ROMA , Italy
Expo 2011-nov. , BRUXELLES, Belgium, Cour des Arts, Place Dillens 8
Expo 2011 -oct. Bologna , ArteBo Gallery
Expo 2011~Artis~ World Trade Center Iasi
Expo 2011 Bologna Italia
Expo 2010 november \"DO NOT BE AFRAID\" New York (www.thomsimmondsgallery.com)
Lapusneanu U.S. Expo 2010
Cupola U.S. Expo 2010
U.S. Artis WTC Expo 2010
Expo 2010 \"La Figure femminille\", November-Bologna-Italy (www.artebo.it)
ArteBo Expo 2010, June 2009 Group Exhibition Bologna Artis-World Trade Center Iasi
2009 Carpe Diem Art Exhibition Mostraarte-Cafe, Crispiano, Italy
2009 Atelier 35 WTC Expo U.S.
Artis WTC Expo U.S. 2008
Expo 2008 \"City\" WTC U.S.
2008 Atelier 35 WTC Expo U.S.
Artis WTC Expo U.S. 2007
2007 Atelier 35 WTC Expo U.S.
2006 Group Show Fall Expo WTC Iasi
2005 Group Show Fall Expo WTC Iasi
2002 Group Exhibition Hall U.S.
Byzantine Icon Exhibition 2002 Inculet church Barnova
2001 Group exhibition at the Palace of Culture Iasi
2001 Exhibition of Graphics Library Gh.Asachi U.S.
2001 Expo Hall Disco XXL \"Copou, U.S.
Painting Exhibition 2001 U.S. House of Books
2000 Expo Group U.S. Academy of Arts
1999 Expo Group U.S. Academy of Arts
XXL Disco 1999 Expo, Copou, U.S.
Group Exhibition 1996 U.S. Record Book
1996 Group Exhibition of Arts High School U.S.
Mention in 1996 for painting at the National Festival of the Arts high schools, U.S.
1995 Group Exhibition School of Art U.S.
Mention in 1995 for painting at the National Olympiad of the Arts High School, Constanta
1994 Special Award for Painting, Ciric Iasi
1994 Exhibition at the Library Gheorge Asachi Iasi
1994 Olympics drawing Mention National High School of Fine Arts, Cluj-Napoca
Fourth place in 1993 at the National Festival of the Arts High School, Timisoara
Motto: \"Art that speaks to learn to listen and emotion to the extent that the viewer has the required degree of training to understand and to be excited\"

Kaola Oty is a professional artist and has painted for over 19 years. Her art is highly coveted worldwide. She has works in collections in France, Italy, Switzerland, USA , Canada and Australia. In her most recent show on 43rd street in New York City her work was exhibited along with works by the artist, Andy Warhol (see poster in photos). Debut article can be seen here: http://cityguideny.com/viewcolumn.cfm?colid=29170 . She is offering a unique opportunity here on the site that will not be repeated. Please see \"other listings\" to see the other painting.

This artist is currently preparing for her next show in New York in 2015 These paintings were finished prior to her agreement with her agent, and so they are being made available directly from the artist. Here is a unique opportunity to purchase an original painting direct from her studio prior to the unveiling of her new work showcased in America.

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MOTTO: "Art speaks to the one who learns to listen to it and create feelings when the viewer has the necessary level of preparation in order to understand it and be deeply emotioned"